About the Journal

ISU Linker: The Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences is a peer-reviewed, semi-annual, and open
access International Journal that aims to boost the circulation of original research and technical
knowledge in the fields of Biology, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Taxonomy, Ecology, Molecular
Biology, Ethnobiology and other fields of Biology for Natural Sciences and for Applied Sciences
Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics. The Journal is open to invitation among researchers who are
interested in specific fields of natural and applied sciences research outputs which can be useful in their
field of endeavors on systemic gains rather than point improvements. As the journal grows, publishing
wide-ranged researches also allow researchers to analyze exchange between different fields.
Target papers to be published should present novel and broadly important data with merit recognition by the broad scientific community. It is an international research journal sponsored by Isabela
State University. The contents of this journal include original researches and innovative applications from all parts of the world.

Coverage includes:
1. Biology
2. Botany
3. Zoology
4. Ecology
5. Ethnobiology/Ethnomedicine
6. Microbiology
7. Cell & Molecular Biology
8. Aquatic/Marine Biology
9. Taxonomy
10. Biotechnology
11. Chemistry/Applied Chemistry
12. Physics/Applied Physics
13. Mathematics/Applied Mathematics
14. Other fields of Natural & Applied Sciences